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How to Clean a Piano

It’s times like being in a global pandemic that might make you wonder how to wipe down and sanitize every inch of your home, including the piano. You might be wondering how do you clean a piano?

You’d be surprised that for you, the owner, it doesn’t take too much!

Do you have water and a clean cloth? Excellent! Let’s start there.

This is for the keys-- spray the water onto the cloth, not directly onto the keys. It doesn’t take much water to catch the dust, so use discretion when spraying the cloth. We are dealing with wood, after all.

Just wipe down the keys, making sure you include the sides of the black keys. Don’t only wipe the keys you mostly play, the first and last keys need some love, too.

Go over the keys again when you’re done with a dry cloth, to make sure there’s no water or dampness left behind.

If you want to use a disinfectant, most sprays and wipes should be ok, but be sure to dry the keys after with a dry cloth. And again, if using a spray, spray onto the cloth and not onto the keys.

Cleaning the outside case of the piano is a different story. You do not want to damage the finish of your piano by spraying any old disinfectant on it.

I would honestly leave doing the outside of your piano to us professionals, because we have specific products made to clean and take care of piano cases.

However, if you feel strongly about doing it yourself right NOW, test a bit of the product on a small, out-of-the-way section first and wait a few minutes to see how the piano and the finish on the piano react.

If nothing happens, you’re probably good to go. If you aren’t sure, just call me or your local professional piano technician just to be safe!

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