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Having your piano tuned regularly is a must for maintaining this beautiful instrument. Not only is it good to have the piano looked at routinely, it also helps maintain the longevity of the instrument. Your car gets inspected regularly to make sure it's running properly, and your piano needs the same treatment. Environmental factors such as weather changes and humidity are always going to be affecting the piano, so pianos should be tuned 1-2 times a year.

Piano Tuning Baltimore
Tune my piano Maryland

Cleaning is more important than you might think when it comes to piano care. Keeping a clean piano inside and out is another form of maintenance that seems minimal, but promotes a healthy piano and longevity. As a professional piano technician, I have the right tools and knowledge of piano anatomy to be able to fit into all the spots where dust and other debris might gather. While you, the piano owner, are able and encouraged to clean the outside, leave cleaning the inside to the professional.

Piano regulation, along with tuning, is an important way to keep your piano in the best shape it can be. Just like you take your car in for inspections and maintenance, you should invest in having your piano regulated to make sure it is working properly and supports you,  the player. There are thousands of moving parts inside your piano, so years of playing with no regulation will certainly cause a deficient action. That means the touch might be too heavy when you play, the sound might be too harsh, or you may experience other unwanted feelings or sounds while you play. It's customary to have your piano regulated every 5-7 years or more often depending on how much it is played.

Piano Tuning Maryland

Steinway Spirio pianos are different from typical acoustic pianos because they have the ability to play songs on the piano from a catalog of pieces in its connected iPad, and the Spirio | r will even let you record and play back (and MUCH more!) as well.

These pianos have many more components, and therefore require more frequent care (think every 2-3 months instead of every 6 months). I had four months of intense training at the Steinway & Sons factory in New York so I can best service these pianos. If you have one, or would like to learn more about owning one, please reach out!


*Spirio Pianos should not be worked on without proper factory training.

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