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About Me

Hi! My name is Jenn, and I'd love to come tune your piano.

I started playing the piano when I was 5 years old, but didn't truly start loving it until high school when I really could appreciate the work it took to learn a piece of music.

Piano has always been my outlet and my favorite go-to hobby. Growing up, I never wanted any gifts for my birthday or the holidays, I just asked for the piano to be tuned. Although I didn't grow up thinking I'd be a piano technician, I am so happy I ended up here.

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Maryland Piano Technician

The Details

I am a certified technician through The North Bennet Street School and the Beginners and Educational Resources Director for the Professional Piano Technicians Network, specifically working on educational materials and digital development.

I was head technician of the practice room pianos at the Brevard Music Festival in  2021, an  apprentice at the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado during the summer of 2023, and an intern at Steinway & Sons in New York during the fall of 2023 focusing on servicing the Spirio Player Piano system.

I recently worked at the North Bennet Street School as a Teaching Assistant to the first year piano technology department, while also being in the field doing in-home tunings.


Formerly the assistant piano technician at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, I am now a piano technician at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, but am also currently accepting private work in the greater Baltimore and DC areas.

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